House Building Glasgow. House-building is the construction of houses for our comfort. The process sometimes starts with a planning stage in which plans are prepared by an architect and approved by the client and any regulatory authority. Then the site is cleared, foundations are laid and trenches for connection to services such as sewerage, water and electricity are established. If the house is wooden-framed then a framework is constructed which will support the boards, siding and roof. If the house is of brick construction, then courses of bricks are laid to construct the walls. Floors, beams and internal walls are constructed as the building develops, with plumbing and wiring for water and electricity being installed as appropriate. Once the main structure is complete then internal fitting out with lights and other fitments is done and the house is decorated and furnished with furniture, cupboards, carpets, curtains and other fittings.

House Building Glasgow – Self build homes come in all shapes and sizes. Of the 12,000 or so houses self built last year, every one of them looks different in some way; some are traditional in style, being authentic replicas of Georgian, Tudor and Victorian homes, with warm, cosy interiors and plenty of cottage appeal; some are radically contemporary in design, with white rendered or wood clad exteriors, flat roofs, vast areas of glazing and large, open plan interiors. The majority, however, mix styles and features in a way that suits the individual owner.

Whatever your project – commercial or residential, timber frame construction or interior finishing, GRD Joinery have the expertise to assist you.

GRD Joinery offer a House Building services covering consultation, planning, design & construction.

House Building Glasgow

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