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Loft Conversions Glasgow. Transform your home living space with our bespoke loft conversion kits. A loft conversion is, in some instances, one of the most practical solutions available for creating more space in your home. In recent times GRD has witnessed more households applying loft conversion techniques to ground floor garage spaces adding additional living space from an underused area of the household. Embarking on a loft conversion requires a feasibility study and many hours of careful planning. Structural strengthening may be required (but not always) & you may on occasion have to comply with local authority building regulations. Popular conversion styles include: Roof Window Conversion, Dormer Conversions & Mansard Conversion all offering there own long term benefits to your home.

Loft Conversion v Home Extension? Home extensions are typically much more expensive than loft conversions and they take longer to construct offering similar areas of living space.

Loft Conversions Glasgow Benefits

• Loft conversions yield numerous benefits for homeowners, which may be the reason for their increasing popularity. Often, up to 30% of a property’s potential space is located within the loft area. Converting the attic will therefore provide a significant amount of room that may be used for a wide variety of accommodation; often a bedroom, bathroom, office, or entertainment room.

• It is widely perceived that a loft conversion will add a significant amount of money to the value of a property. Whilst the exact figure varies, many credible sources have determined that a professional loft conversion can increase a house’s value by approximately 20%.

• Many families also choose to convert their loft area as a means of obtaining more space without having to endure the costly and stressful process of moving property.

• Key features of former industrial space that makes for attractive use as a loft include high, unfinished ceilings, large windows, exposed brick or cinder block walls and exposed duct work. Many industrial lofts have only partial height walls separating rooms or areas within the space. Some lofts even preserve the industrial-era freight elevators that open into the living space.

It is a very rare case in which building a loft conversion actually leaves a property less valuable than it would have been otherwise. In fact, many sources indicate that converting an upstairs area into a loft space is one of the few projects that is becoming more practical in the modern economy in terms of added value.

To summarise, Loft Conversions are an excellent investment under the right conditions and if they are constructed properly. GRD Joinery offer a complete Loft Conversion package covering consultation, planning, design & construction.

Loft Conversions Glasgow

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